A Lone Star Leader: Learn About Tyson Foods’ Production Facility in Sherman, Texas

With nearly 1,800 team members, Tyson Foods is one of the largest employers in Sherman, Texas, and has been a part of the community since 2005.

By virtue of its size, the Sherman case ready meat facility plays a significant role in the area. Tyson Foods’ Sherman leadership and team members are committed to working closely with organizations and to supporting events and needs that enhance the vitality of the town and the lives of its residents.

At the same time, the team is proud of its role in producing millions of pounds of case ready beef and pork and ground beef each year to help feed the world.

Helping Customers Deliver What Shoppers Are Looking for in the Meat Case

Case ready plants, including the Sherman facility, could be described as enormous butcher shops. The Sherman facility does not receive live animals to harvest and process. Instead, it converts large cuts of beef and pork from Tyson source facilities into steaks, chops, roasts and ground meat. These products are placed in retail trays, weighed and labeled and then shipped to retailers to be sold through the grocery meat case.

Production facility worker in personal protective equipment while handling raw meat

The premium beef, premium pork and other fresh meats produced in Sherman are sold in eight states: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Beyond the Meat Display Case

There’s more to the Sherman plant than the production of meat. It is a longtime supporter of high schools and colleges in the area, and its leadership has worked with them to develop programs that prepare future team members and support the goals of current team members. As a food producer, the facility makes generous donations to programs such as Meals on Wheels, Grand Central Station and the Bob Skaggs Food Drive.

The facility also supports youth agriculture as a sponsor of the swine show at the Texoma Exposition & Livestock Show, and its employees are active with the NAACP, United Way, Sherman Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.

Prioritizing Safety and Environmental Responsibility

The plant’s recycling, water conservation and utility conservation programs directly affect the town. So does Tyson Foods’ commitment to the safety of its team members and its products.

With its recycling program, Sherman team members strive to recycle plastic and cardboard that comes into the facility. The team works to conserve water – something that’s very important in Texas – with a program that uses technology to monitor and reduce water use while maintaining product safety and plant cleanliness. An LED lighting upgrade has helped reduce energy consumption.

As at all case ready production facilities, the safety of team members is of the utmost importance. Team members at the Sherman production facility undergo extensive training for their position. They also are fully involved in the We Care program, which is an initiative that empowers team members to address safety proactively.

The production facility also has a state-of-the art maintenance training program. Together, these programs are designed to protect the facility’s biggest asset – its team members.

Want to hear what a few Sherman team members have to say about their community? Check out this video.

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