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Brand Difference

IBP Trusted Excellence Choice Cuts

Our customers demand a variety of product selection and availability in their products. They’re reassured by a sense of confidence that comes with every shipment of our signature brown and green box.

A Commitment to Excellence

For more than 55 years the Reuben Corned Beef brand has been the name trusted by retailers nationwide for quality beef brisket. With the Reuben Corned Beef brand, you can eliminate unavailability risks by pre-booking your springtime corned beef needs directly from the source for beef excellence.


For nearly 60 years, the ibp Trusted Excellence brand has defined and redefined the industry standard for quality beef and pork products. We continue to unveil new and profitable products that meet customers’ demands for “better,” “faster” and “more,” all backed by the trust and expertise they’ve come to expect.


It takes repeatedly performing at a high level for customers to affix the “consistent” label to a brand. Our customers have a sense of assurance when their signature box arrives – it’s a purchase made with confidence, knowing they’re receiving a shipment of high quality meat that meets their exact specifications, every time.


There’s no uncertainty when ordering a shipment of ibp Trusted Excellence beef or pork. No matter the product or cut, our customers can rest easy knowing we’ll deliver the consistent muscle size, tight trim specifications and reliable yields that earned their trust and loyalty in the first place.

Every Product is Handled With CARE

The Tyson Fresh Meats Team is dedicated, now more than ever, to transparency, accountability and making sure every customer and every product is handled with CARE.

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Proven safety techniques, innovative Cold Chain Management procedures and data testing confirmation that validates our cleanliness control processes.

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Innovative best practices led by our team of seasoned experts to ensure we’re meeting industry trim standards and product specifications for accuracy and yield.

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Leading-edge logistical updates in automation, loading, distribution, tracking and more such as real-time monitoring to reduce error while increasing reliability and timeliness.

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Continued organization-wide commitment to overall excellence in product offering, program implementation, customer service and the growth of our customers’ business.

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Our People:
Our Most Valued Asset

Aside from the high-quality beef and pork products that have earned our customers’ loyalty for nearly 60 years, our #1 asset is our amazing team of dedicated professionals. The Tyson Fresh Meats Team consists of more than 41,000 employees bringing decades worth of experience and specialized expertise that make us the industry’s leading meat supplier.

From the teams responsible for handling cuts on our plant floors, to the client-facing experts who help design our clients’ custom programs, to the marketing specialists who help our customers move product from their meat cases and restaurants, the entire ibp Trusted Excellence brand team pulls together to get the job done.

A Culture of Service

One of the primary tenets of the corporate core values of Tyson Foods, Inc. is to be honorable and operate with integrity. That means creating a culture of service where our clients’ problems become ours and no problem is too small or too big for the ownership and attention of everyone on our team.

That commitment to serving our customers’ needs has earned us the loyalty and continued business of countless clients. They cite our products as well as our service as their primary reasons for remaining valued ibp Trusted Excellence brand customers.

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