A Commitment To Excellence

For decades, the ibp Trusted Excellence® brand has redefined the fresh meats industry. Combining expert service, product consistency and on-time delivery, we bring quality beef and pork to retail and foodservice customers around the world.

Quality and Consistency

We are proud to carry on the legacy of the ibp Trusted Excellence brand for providing quality beef and pork. Crack open any of our iconic brown and green boxes and you’ll know what to expect. Exactly what you ordered – quality beef and pork. No matter the cut, you can depend on consistent muscle size, tight trim specifications and reliable yields. Every time.


Trust comes in many forms. But to us, it means you can depend on the ibp Trusted Excellence brand to deliver on our promise. A promise of quality beef and pork that consistently arrives in specification, on time and is backed by expert service.

Quality Beef & Pork

With the ibp Trusted Excellence brand, you can choose from an extensive portfolio of fresh boxed beef and pork, each tailored to your needs.

ibp trusted excellence beef products

Beef Products

Whether you choose our traditional trim beef products or opt for something that reduces in-store labor, choosing the ibp Trusted Excellence brand results in a diverse and robust beef offering for your customers.

ibp trusted excellence pork products

Pork Products

Our wide variety of cuts and distinct product lines promise consistent muscle size, tight trim specifications and reliable yields designed to reduce labor while meeting your business’ specialized needs.

The Trusted Source in Retail & Foodservice


The ibp Trusted Excellence brand offers multiple advantages in the retail space. They include:

  • A wealth of industry experience delivered by the team of experts behind the brand
  • Unparalleled customer service resulting in orders that are accurate, on-time and properly handled
  • Superior and consistent product availability and variety


We have a long and proud history of providing quality beef and pork products to restaurants and other foodservice outlets. We offer:

  • Innovative product solutions and service designed to help our customers succeed
  • A culinary-forward approach to service designed with chefs in mind
  • Marketing tools to help elevate your foodservice operation
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