Chairman’s Reserve® Meats

Chairman’s Reserve Meats is all about choice. Beef. Pork. Two quality tiers per protein. Sales support. Marketing support. We say “yes” to having it all. No other competitor offers this robust a portfolio — and no other brand delivers this level of consistency, quality and consumer confidence.

a two tier advantage

The Chairman’s Reserve Meats brand has a dual-protein mix that delivers an unparalleled eating experience with two quality tiers.

Marked by different scoring specifications, each program provides the discernible quality to meet the specific demands of your business.

The next level in standards, delivering our highest level of quality.

The foundation for the signature flavor of  Chairman’s Reserve Meats.


Today’s customers desire experiences that offer a departure from the everyday. A dining experience rich in authentic, chef-driven values stands out; Chairman’s Reserve Meats is that signature offering.

reserve by the numbers

When shoppers purchase fresh meat, their basket ring more than doubles from $32.00 to $68.001 – and when your meat department is backed by a brand, getting better sales gets even easier. Consider the following:


of shoppers reach for manufacturer brands for their fresh meat purchases which is twice as much as 8 years ago2


of consumers indicate pork “labeled as prime” is important when selecting fresh pork at a restaurant3

1 in 10

shoppers wish their primary meat department had a greater assortment of hand-selected, signature and premium-quality products4

When brands mean business, it takes the right support. The Chairman’s Reserve Meats team knows this and is ready to move the needle for retail, distribution and foodservice operations.

Through our robust consumer-facing website, strategic online marketing efforts and point-of-sale materials, we’re meeting your customers online, in-store and out on the town to spark their interest… and keep them coming back for more.

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when the choice is yours, choose everything.

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