Does Your Meat Case Meet the Needs of Today’s Environmentally Conscious Consumer?

From the processing plant to the meat case, climate-friendly products need to walk the walk.

You can’t miss it: One trip through the grocery store shows a steadily increasing number of eco-friendly claims being touted.

And for a good reason. The money that stands to be made on sustainably raised meat consumption trends is considerable. A recent consumer tracking survey showed consumers are willing to pay 20% more for sustainable fresh meat.1

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 52 SEK 12/28/2021

Which raises the question: What exactly is environmentally friendly in consumers’ eyes?

Unsurprisingly, meat eaters relate sustainable meat to/with animals raised without antibiotics or hormones, grass-fed/pasture-raised and humanely treated.2

Who’s Thinking About Sustainability When Purchasing Meat1?

• Men
• Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X
• Kids in Household
• African Americans, Hispanics and Asians

But the list doesn’t end there. Beyond the banal, catch-all claims is the growing consumer demand for meat that rallies about more in-depth topics surrounding the food they purchase: the carbon footprint of production, greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation and much more.

A Win-Win on Packaging

While the meat industry is working to refine production to meet the ever-evolving needs of shoppers wanting sustainable meat, there are more immediate ways to meet consumer demand.

One of the most straightforward is the choice of packaging. Biodegradable, upcycled and recyclable packaging (printed with sustainable algae ink, too!) are out there, in use in the meat case. Talk with your Tyson Foods sales representative about your specific needs and the packaging options that we offer.

Approximately 800 million pounds of meat was thrown out by retailers in 2021 due to products expiring before they were sold.3 When searching for a sustainable packaging alternative, make sure your supplier understands new packaging technologies and innovations that reduce shrink and environmental impact. Tyson Foods offers a range of solutions that addresses both concerns and can help you explain their benefits to shoppers.

Source: IRI, Integrated Fresh, MULO, 52 SEK 12/28/2021
The key to making informed decisions for any aspect of your meat case is rooted in having the right information on meat market trends but actionable insights and sustainable product offerings tailored to your region and your shoppers.

Talk with the beef and pork experts at Tyson Foods today to find solutions that work for you.

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