Elevating Natural* Meat by Communicating Claims

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What if you could meet the ever-changing demands of consumers through simple communication?

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the meat they purchase. Two-thirds of consumers are looking for “better-for-me” options when buying meat, with a focus on leaner options and various production attributes.1 A rise in concerns surrounding how food animals are raised will directly impact the demand for claims-based meat.

Many consumers associate quality with raising claims such as no added hormones ever (41%) and no antibiotics (38%).2 The Open Prairie® Natural Pork brand team is committed to providing natural pork from hogs raised responsibly while giving meat retailers the support they need to communicate claims to consumers.

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Communicating the value of natural meat claims

The growing consumer interest in how animals are raised for meat products accentuates the importance of communicating the value of pork claims to consumers.

When it comes to pork, quality claims follow price with 28% of respondents ranking it either first or second.2 Consumers’ perception of high-quality pork attributes is focused on natural and being a product of the U.S.A.3

Can you imagine the benefits that come just by knowing what influences consumers’ buying habits? Customer loyalty, increased revenue and brand recognition to name a few.

Consumers today have become accustomed to reading food packaging for nutritional information, third-party certifications and claims that align with their personal beliefs and values. By understanding the factors that influence purchasing decisions, meat retailers can effectively highlight the features of their product, reaching the right shoppers.

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Open Prairie Natural Pork offers shoppers “back to basics” natural pork that is held strictly to the following criteria:
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  • No antibiotics – ever
  • No added hormones or growth promotants
  • 100% vegetarian diet; no animal byproducts, except for milk
  • High animal welfare standards

Giving consumers confidence

“Consumers tie many of the production practices back to their own health,” says Anne-Marie Roerink, president of 210 Analytics, LLC in San Antonio. “But they also see these production practices as ways to address their concerns over environmental impact of animal agriculture, assurance for optimal animal care and as supporting family farms and raising practices that they endorse.”

Consistently communicating product claims to your consumers plays a crucial role in differentiating your products from those of your competitors. Give your consumers confidence and gain their trust by communicating what’s not seen: no antibiotics – ever, no added hormones, implemented animal welfare practices and more.

Confidence leads to trust which, ultimately, leads to loyalty. Studies show that consumers pay more for the brands they trust.4

All Open Prairie Natural Pork products are branded and come with extensive marketing support that can be customized. We implement training, promotional concepts, target consumer insights, natural category insights, market-specific advertising, point-of-sale materials, website, Facebook and display advertising.

Meat retailers who take the time to effectively communicate claims can establish themselves as leaders in the industry while reaping the benefits of an engaged customer base.

Taking the time to elevate claims allows retailers to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and meet the increasing demand for meat products that align with customer values. This can lead to increased customer loyalty, positive brand recognition, and in time, increased sales and revenue.

At the end of the day, our pork is a great source of protein with nothing added, and we’re ready to help you educate your shoppers.

The demand for natural meats is high.
Ready to expand the potential of your meat case through claims-based messaging? Contact Open Prairie Natural Meats to learn more!

“Nearly seven in 10 meat shoppers, or 69%, purchased meat with label claims in the past three months.”1

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