Getting to the Meat of the Menu

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Meet Tyson Fresh Meats’ Foodservice Experts

As an operator, you are always on the lookout for quality protein to source for your menu. One problem: In a saturated market, it’s tough to tell who is going to deliver. Dependable consistency, quality and great service are a given for a business to thrive — so which company should an operator turn to?

The Beef & Pork Experts™ at Tyson Fresh Meats are confident: They’ve got you covered.

Quality Products, Quality Partners

“There are so many different attributes that our customers are looking for, and those change from quality attributes to production attributes,” said Ozlem Worpel, senior brand manager of Tyson Fresh Meats Marketing.

“When we talk about [beef] quality attributes, it’s ‘Is it USDA Choice grade? Is it USDA Prime grade?’ If we’re talking about pork, ‘What kind of pH level? What kind of color? What kind of marbling does it have?’

“If we’re talking about production attributes, ‘How are the animals raised? Are they never ever given antibiotics? Or added hormones? How are they are fed, is it a vegetarian diet?’”

The Tyson Fresh Meats Team prides themselves on a broad portfolio of quality fresh beef and pork products and the willingness to work with partners to find exactly what they’re looking for.

“We really know the meat business, from sourcing the best livestock, to producing the protein the most cost-efficient and safe way to do so,” said Worpel. “Most of our employees have degrees in animal science, and they know the meat. So when they sit and talk with a consumer, they understand their needs, sometimes better than what the customer thinks they need.”

And if Tyson Fresh Meats doesn’t have the protein an operator is looking for, they’ll find it.

“When you are the size of Tyson Fresh Meats, and when your customer comes to you and says, ‘This is what I need,’ we want to make sure that it’s in our portfolio and we can deliver. If we don’t have it, we work with them to see what it will take to get it,” said Worpel.

Next Level Menus

Tyson Fresh Meats is always looking at innovative protein offerings to help chefs create a menu item that strikes the perfect balance of low prep and high consumer appeal.

“For foodservice especially, we’re always on the lookout for something new and something different,” said Worpel. “One of our corporate chefs was given a task to merchandise pork differently. He came up with three pork cuts that we introduced at the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival last October.”

Tyson Fresh Meats’ Chef and culinary mastermind Kang Kuan created three products including the Petite Pork Rack, a thick center of a loin chop in a petite size; Petite Porchetta, a full loin without the expense of pork belly; and the Frenched Pork Spareribs, refined pork ribs nicknamed the “Lollipop.”

Looking forward, Tyson Fresh Meats is continuing to take their message of uncompromising quality and innovative foodservice solutions to partners new and old. If you’re looking for experts to elevate your operation, learn more here.

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