How Consumer Inspiration Can Drive Burger Sales

This summer is shaping up to be a good one for burgers and grilling, and that presents an opportunity for retailers.

Consumers are craving recipe ideas and inspiration, and they are very receptive when they find it in-store. In fact, they will add more to their carts to make sure they have the ingredients they need.

The Tyson Fresh Meats Universal Program’s Summer Burger Promotion can help you take advantage of each of these consumer trends to help drive sales throughout your stores. Let’s take a closer look.

Consumers Are Still Cooking at Home.

Consumers who spent the pandemic becoming more comfortable with their culinary skills are still cooking from home. As of February 2022, 82% of meals were being made in-home, up from around 50% pre-pandemic.1

All this practice has made consumers more confident and open to new recipes and suggestions for mealtime. In fact, more than 80% say they want to be inspired with new products or services and healthy meal solutions.2

As of February 2022, 82% of meals were being made in-home, up from around 50% pre-pandemic.

Many Home Cooks Look for Inspiration While They Shop.

When it comes to beef, 45% of shoppers in one study said, “I am often inspired to make a new beef recipe because of what I see in the store.”3

Older millennials with children are some of the most open to being inspired while shopping. Nearly 80% say they look up recipes in-store.4

On-product recipe content, like our four featured chef-inspired burger builds, put those ideas right in front of consumers at the point of consideration.

In-store Recipe Ideas Can Help Fill Carts.

Consumers who shop with recipes in mind add three more items to their carts compared to when they shop without recipes, according to research from Channel Sight.5 In fact, consumers who use recipe ideas to shop move from below-average spenders to above-average spenders.

The on-pack stickers for each burger-build feature five ingredients other than ground beef. Those extras include everything from rolls to veggies to sauces, helping you to get consumers into areas of the store that are well beyond the meat case.

Tyson Fresh Meats is Your Summer Promo Partner.

The Tyson Fresh Meats Summer Burger Promotion is just one example of the ways we partner with retailers to help drive business at the meat case. Reach out to the Tyson Fresh Meats Team today to learn more about the many ways we support retailers.

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