ibp Trusted Excellence®

Brand Heritage

With a storied tradition that spans nearly 60 years, ibp Trusted Excellence Beef and Pork is a mainstay of the meat industry and a favorite of retail and foodservice customers.
Vintage image of Tyson's Origins


Humble Beginnings

In 1960, Andy Anderson and Currier Holman founded Iowa Beef Packers (IBP) in a single-story building in Denison, Iowa. While their initial intent was only harvesting cattle, their vision for beef packing would ultimately revolutionize the industry.

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Fast forward to 1964, when IBP broke ground on a large packing plant in Dakota City, Nebraska, which would later serve as their headquarters. They quickly opened four more beef packing plants in addition to the Dakota City plant which harvested 12,000 cattle each week.

Vintage image of meat coming off production line


You say you want a revolution?

In 1967, IBP introduced boxed beef, vacuum-packed and in smaller portions, as a new option for its customers. The boxed meat drastically transformed the industry, saving energy and transportation costs by eliminating the need to store and ship fat, bones and trimmings.

Bar chart reflecting growth


Fifteen years later, in 1982, IBP entered the pork packing world by opening its first pork plant in Storm Lake, Iowa. Over the next several decades, the IBP brand would grow in reputation and stature as the premier commodity beef and pork supplier in the country.
IBP headquarters


The Legacy Continues

In 2001, Tyson Foods Inc. acquired IBP and formed Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. In conjunction with its other successful protein brands, Tyson Fresh Meats is proud to carry on the legacy of the ibp Trusted Excellence brand. Driven by an unyielding commitment to offering high-quality products, our goal is to consistently meet – or exceed – customer expectations.

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