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Putting Our Customer First

A big part of the ibp Trusted Excellence brand loyalty comes from our commitment to customer satisfaction. Retail and foodservice operations around the world benefit from our unmatched industry expertise and dedication to helping grow their businesses.

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Beef Products

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Pork Products

Fresh Quality Beef and Pork Products


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Traditional Trim

Over the years we’ve built a strong reputation as the country’s leading processor of traditional trim beef and pork products. Partnering with us gives you a diverse and robust meat case your customers can rely on.

ibp specialty cuts

Specialty Cuts

Our ability to meet customers’ unique needs is what sets us apart from the competition. We offer specialty cuts with innovative solutions that include:

  • Unique cuts
  • Frenched options for show-stopping presentations
  • Different break points
  • Statement-making cuts, including bone-in tenderloin, tomahawk steaks, pork tomahawk chops and frenched crown roasts.
IBP Case Ready Trimmed Beef & Pork

Case Ready Trimmed Beef and Pork

Case Ready Trimmed Beef and Pork require less cutting skill and leaves a minimum of ground beef trimmings. It gives you improved product uniformity and consistency, both in the meat case
and on the plate:

  • Designed as ready for automated slicing or manual cutting
  • Avoids need for difficult styling/trimming decisions
  • Reduces transportation of unwanted tissue and fat
  • Makes it easier to determine true cost
Ground Beef

Ground Beef

From the fabrication process to the packaged product, Tyson Fresh Meats has redefined how we supply ground beef. Refinements include:

  • Forward warehouses positioned to improve shipping capacity while
    reducing response time
  • State-of-the-art ground beef processing equipment
  • Comprehensive Total-N60™ Trim
  • Sampling method ensuring superior sensitivity detecting pathogens
  • Specialized techniques and unique packaging resulting in product that’s fresh, rich in color and has maximized shelf life

A Tradition of Excellence

The ibp Trusted Excellence brand beef and pork products exceed the quality standards demanded by both consumers and foodservice professionals.

Additional benefits include:

  • Industry-leading shelf life standards that lead to reduced out of stocks
  • Superior product variety
  • Many products available in pre-printed bags, reducing time and labor costs
On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

No matter how great the quality of our beef and pork is, if it doesn’t arrive on time, your sales will suffer. That’s why we invest in the latest technological advancements in automation, loading, distribution and tracking. Features like real-time monitoring to increase the reliability and timeliness of our deliveries.

Order Fill Accuracy

Order Fill Accuracy

Even if your shipments arrive on time, you still need to know you’re getting exactly what you ordered. We pride ourselves on utilizing best practices to ensure you receive orders that exceed industry trim standards and meet your exacting needs every time.

Load Planning

Load Planning

Decades of experience go in to planning our loads to maximize efforts in packing, shipping and order fulfillment. Sending out loads that satisfy our customers’ needs in the most timely manner is our top priority.

Expert Service

Expert Service

Backed by more than 41,000 Tyson Fresh Meats team members, each with specialized expertise, we put a priority on customer service. Always. From hand selecting only the best cuts to providing robust marketing support, our goal is simple — to help you sell more beef and pork.

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