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Open Prairie Natural Meats packaged beef and pork

Choosing Trusted Brands When Shopping for Meat

When consumers fill up their grocery carts, they aren’t just checking price tags and ingredients labels — they’re also looking for brands that align with their values.


Open Prairie Natural Meats packaged beef and pork

Case ready meat packaging helps retailers increase assortment while reducing labor costs

Meat products that come pre-packaged offer a convenient solution for retailers that lets the meat department offer more options for consumers while cutting down on labor and waste.


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Consumers Demand Transparency, Traceability

Transparency has become increasingly important to consumers. They want to know exactly what they’re buying and are demanding it from retailers. This is particularly true for fresh items.


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Natural meats tap into nutritional, other trends

Consumers are gravitating to claims that align with their values—social, environmental or nutritional, and that has created a strong push towards an increase in natural meat sales in the supermarket.


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Open Prairie Natural* Meats brand team unveils its

The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team is excited to announce its Openness Promise, dedicated to transparently communicating with its partners.


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Tracking and communication are key to…

Product information — or a lack thereof — is becoming an increasingly important factor in the fight for brand loyalty. Consumer demand for traceability is on the rise, including in the meat case as shoppers look for more information about where and how their meat was produced.


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Shoppers look for antibiotic-free claims on meat labels

Consumers are demanding more from the products they buy at the grocery store, and in the meat aisle that means products that are minimally processed and produced from animals that are responsibly raised.


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Tyson Foods Is Using DNA to Prove the Pedigree of…

(Bloomberg) — Responding to consumer demands for traceability, Tyson Foods Inc. plans to use DNA samples from elite cattle to track steaks, roasts and even ground beef back to the ranches the animals grew up on.


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A Promise From Prairie to Plate

As a leading brand in the natural beef and pork industry, Open Prairie Natural Meats has always maintained a high standard of quality products.


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