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The Tyson Fresh Meats Team is committed to building relationships with our Open Prairie® Natural* Meats customers and ensuring their needs are met. Logistical efficiency, accurate products and excellent customer service are cornerstones of our support.

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Foodservice. Full service.

With Open Prairie Natural Meats as the foundation for your culinary creations, you’ll have the premium proteins to keep pace with evolving trends in foodservice.

According to the National Restaurant Association, “natural ingredients” and “clean menus” rank #3 in the top 10 culinary concept trends.1

Additionally, 70% of consumers are likely to purchase hormone free (58%), antibiotic free (83%), and/or natural (83%) labeled pork.2

Find out how we can help.

1 2018 Culinary Forecast. National Restaurant Association
2 Technomic Center of the Plate 2017

Open Prairie Natural Meats retail partner

Carrying our brand puts you in a strong position to capitalize on natural shopper growth trends for protein solutions.

Production claims now make up 16% of total meat sales at retail. Those claims are led by Antibiotic Free (ABF) and No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) claims, which totaled $5.1 billion in sales in 2017.3

Shoppers who buy natural products typically spend more in-store, have greater brand loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth awareness, all of which helps increase sales.

In fact, natural shoppers who purchase ABF/NAE meat spend on average $106.90 per basket, compared to $42.49 for a typical basket – an average increase of $64.41.3

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3 The Impact of ABF and Organic Meat on Total Store Sales, presentation at the Annual Meat Conference, Feb. 2017, p. 24

Unparalleled marketing support

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The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand team offers exclusive dual-protein and individualized pork and beef marketing support to help increase your sales.

Fresh campaigns, eye-catching branding and a carefully strategized social media presence keep the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand at the forefront of consumers’ attention both in-store and online.

All products are branded and come with extensive marketing support that can be customized. We implement:

  • Training
  • Promotional concepts
  • Target consumer insights
  • Natural category insights
  • Market-specific advertising
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Display advertising

Media kit

To help spread the word about the Open Prairie Natural Meats brand, we’ve compiled a media kit.

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It’s natural to have questions — contact us.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

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