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A Supreme Eating Experience

The Supreme Tender® Pork brand delivers the quality, consistency and service the Tyson Fresh Meats Team is known for. Enhanced with an all-natural* marinade of water and salt to guarantee a tender, juicy product that always lives up to its name, Supreme Tender Pork has the attributes today’s health-conscious consumers demand:

  • All natural
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No phosphates

Up for Any Meal

Supreme Tender Pork gives your customers a consistently positive eating experience, even in instances when it’s overcooked. Research shows consumers prefer enhanced pork for its tenderness and juiciness.

Studies found that consumer ratings for juiciness and tenderness of enhanced pork were approximately 12% higher than those for non-enhanced pork products.1 Additionally, consumers had improved perceptions of eating quality for enhanced pork products even when cooked at high temperatures.

1National Pork Board Study, Effects of Pork Quality and Cooked Temperature on Consumer and Trained Sensory Perception of Eating Quality in Non-enhanced and Enhanced Pork Loins, July 2008

Pork Roast dinner on a plate
Grilled pork on plate ready to serve

Made to Market

Supreme Tender Pork is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, meeting the specifications required to market as all-natural. We offer point-of-sale materials with or without the all-natural seal, allowing you to strategically market Supreme Tender Pork to best suit your needs.

The Tyson Fresh Meats Team also provides comprehensive brand support with:

  • Point-of-sale materials for in-store merchandising
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Merchandising information
  • Consumer information and trends

Lower Labor Costs. Longer Shelf Life.

The Supreme Tender Pork line gives you the ability to merchandise a complete product line, giving your consumer more variety while providing you with more sales opportunities.

Sliced pork on a plate
Ribs on a plate

Each cut is ultra-trimmed, which means lower labor costs for you, higher sales yields for your department and more value for your customer.

Supreme Tender Pork products offer a long back room shelf life of 30 days for boneless products and 21 days for bone-in products.

Thick Cut Grilled Pork
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Supreme Sales Start With a Conversation

Just tell us how to best contact you, and your local Tyson Fresh Meats Team sales rep will be in touch to discuss your business needs.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.