Quality at a value: What beef consumers really want

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Variety is the spice of life… and of the meat case. Consumers crave variety and base their meat purchasing decisions on factors like price, quality grade, branding and more. With Star Ranch Angus® beef, you can stock the variety consumers want while still hitting on all these important factors. Not to mention beef marketing expertise to help move product — like from Tyson Fresh Meats brand specialist, Patrick Fleming. Read on for expert insight from Patrick and how the Star Ranch Angus brand can help meet customer needs.

“When we think about Star Ranch Angus beef, we need to think of Angus, Choice and price in that order. These are the key factors influencing the consumers’ meat purchasing decision.”

Beef up your meat case with these top purchasing factors


Providing quality meals for their families is a major factor for consumers, with about 50% saying USDA Prime and USDA Choice grades are important identifiers of quality.1 But there’s another factor at play — Angus.

When it comes to quality, Angus is just as important as USDA Choice.2 So when consumers buy Angus beef or see the word “Angus,” they know they’re getting quality. The Star Ranch Angus brand is proud to offer products that are both USDA Choice and 100% Angus.


While our consumer appreciates quality, they are also budget conscious and looking for products that satisfy their quality needs without breaking the bank. In fact, price is the top influencer on purchases of a specific type of beef.1

“Throughout the last year-plus, people have had it in their minds that the price of meat is astronomically high,” Jonna Parker, principal at the Fresh Center of Excellence at IRI said. This is likely to impact the decisions consumers make in-store. Star Ranch Angus beef has value cuts that are not just delicious but also a great value.

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Why USDA Choice is the right choice

With the rise of inflation, value-conscious shoppers are swapping their priciest cuts for more affordable options.3 Once price is set aside, the most sought-out attribute for beef is USDA Choice.4 Choice Angus is an excellent option because it’s flavorful yet affordable in the everyday market.

One great example is the Star Ranch Angus Top Sirloin Steak — versatile, juicy and perfect as-is or cut into kebabs. Another is the Star Ranch Angus Flank Steak — a lean cut that’s tasty and tender when prepared properly.

Star Ranch Angus beef value cuts, mainly from the round and chuck primal sections, are more moderately priced than traditional steak cuts. The Star Ranch Angus Ranch Steak is a great example, offering rich beefy flavor at an affordable price. This is important because while price matters, the product must still perform well and taste great.

“Down-turns don’t last forever. Retailers can position themselves as prepared for today and the future.”

Branded Angus beef can help boost your business

When it comes to quality at a value, the Star Ranch Angus brand offers the variety retailers need. The branded program has much to offer, including Choice Angus, affordable price, USA-raised products and expert beef marketing to help boost your bottom line. Here are even more ways our brand can add value to your case:

Variety: We offer variety through our boxed beef format

Customization: Customize your assortment with our primal cut offerings

Consistent quality: Our production processes and standards ensure quality and consistency, helping build consumer trust

Shared values: We give back to our communities through our Good Neighbor Initiative, allowing us to bond with shoppers through shared values

“By carrying the Star Ranch Angus brand, retailers can maintain an Angus Choice program while still maintaining the value consumers demand.”

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A branded Angus Choice program with Star Ranch Angus beef can perform well on consumers’ plates while building short- and long-term sales. Contact a Tyson Fresh Meats sales rep today to get started.

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