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Our seasoned and marinated foodservice offering is a great way to add value to your operation while providing efficiency and convenience. But if you’re struggling with labor and time constraints or if you’re experiencing inconsistencies across locations, you may be selling yourself short. Tyson Fresh Meats can help alleviate some of the burden by producing seasoned and marinated, value added meats for you.
seasoned ribs
Through our seasoned and marinated products, you’ll not only have some of the best beef and pork in the market, but you’ll also cut down on product inconsistencies and labor costs. Let’s look at the benefits of prepared meat and how our seasoned and marinated capabilities can take your operation further.
seasoned pork loin

Why Go Out of House With Seasoned & Marinated Meats?

Consistency, lower labor costs, less prep, variety, convenience, flavor — the list goes on. All these benefits and more come from seasoning and marinating your meats out of house. Operators, chefs and customers alike can enjoy the value that this service brings to your foodservice operation.

Labor Cost

Having your cuts seasoned or marinated bypasses the hassle of back of house formulating and prepping, creating a simple, highly effective labor-saving solution.

Enhanced Food Safety

Through the entire production process, products are monitored every step of the way, tested randomly and segregated from allergens to ensure a safe product for patrons.


We can formulate flavor blends to fit your needs, and our production processes ensure consistent flavor in every cut.

Large Distribution Network

Tyson Fresh Meats’ comprehensive coast-to-coast network of production facilities provides foodservice operations with the same level of service and consistency no matter the location.

Ready to take your operation to the next level with seasoned and marinated products from Tyson Fresh Meats? Reach out to our Foodservice Team and get started today.

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