Inflation is high, so is demand for natural* meats

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Despite rising costs, health-focused shoppers are still looking for products with natural, claims-based messaging — even in the meat department. Help them reach their health-focused new year’s goals (while striving to meet your own business goals) with Never Ever Open Prairie® Natural Pork.

The natural desire for natural meats

More and more consumers are demanding natural meats. Even with rising costs, executives at some retail and CPG companies have yet to see dramatic shifts in purchasing behavior.1 This is true for companies such as PepsiCo, Walmart and Tyson Foods. One factor at play may be health. Since COVID-19, consumers have been transitioning to meats with “no hormones,” “no antibiotics” and “responsibly raised” claims and have been centering health (especially of their families and children) on meat purchases.2

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This shift to natural provides a great opportunity for brand storytelling. Open Prairie products offer all these claims and more and can appeal to health-minded shoppers not only through products but also marketing. We can build trust with shoppers and help them feel confident in choosing our products.

Nearly 75% of natural meat purchasers like to know where their fresh meat products come from.2

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The power of branding

The natural consumer is educated and empowered; it may take more than just claims for meat retailers to influence them. Having a branded program that aligns with their values, such as Open Prairie Natural Pork, can be a major purchase driver. We pledge to uphold high standards through Never Ever products, consistent quality and animal welfare standards. Because the Open Prairie brand offers more than “free-from” claims; it also offers an emotional benefit by connecting the brand’s values with consumers’ values.

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Worth the cost

Meat retailers offering branded natural pork with relevant claims help drive value, justifying rising costs. And since consumers are regularly purchasing higher quality, claims-based meats, the adjustments they make to fit their budget must also change. Now is the time to create loyalty and add natural pork to your case. That way, consumers can stick with their responsible habits all year long.

Top purchase drivers3

Responsibly raised   |  No artificial ingredients  |  No antibiotics

Take advantage of the consumer shift to natural products while helping achieve your business goals with Open Prairie Natural Pork.

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