Inflation Is Rising — So Is the Demand for Quality Meats

Two raw steaks and three raw porkchops arranged on a very dark wood cutting board with a knife, onions and green leaf garnishes.
Even among rising meat prices, consumers still seek quality meats. It’s more important than ever for retailers to offer high-quality products . Read on to discover why these habits haven’t changed and how Chairman’s Reserve® Meats can provide a competitive advantage.

Higher costs don’t decrease opportunities

Consumers are still willing to splurge at the meat case, specifically on premium beef and pork brands. This is true across all income levels, including lower income households and especially in the fresh category.1

Cooked steak plated with silverware, salt and pepper shakers, and a side of acorn squash.
Executives at other companies, such as PepsiCo and Walmart, said that consumers are aware of rising prices but have not made any dramatic shifts in purchasing behavior.2

Consumers from all income levels are willing to pay more for premium products.1

Sliced seasoned pork tenderloin plated with green leaf garnishes.

Experiences reign supreme:
why buying habits haven’t changed

Millennials value experiences and will purchase premium products for the memories they provide. According to IRI, even lower-income shoppers will purchase premium foods to reward themselves, to celebrate a special occasion or because they believe that the quality and value of food they cook themselves provide greater value than food prepared outside the home.1

Consumers will make sacrifices in other areas and be brand loyal to your meat department if you continue to show value and quality.3

The Chairman’s Reserve Meats advantage

Dual protein & dual tier

Retailers can customize their case to meet the demands of their consumers with beef and pork options in two quality tiers.

Better value than Prime

Chairman’s Reserve Platinum® Angus Beef provides a lower price point than Prime beef while still offering a high-quality eating experience.

Quality dining at home

One area where consumers may cut costs is eating out. Chairman’s Reserve Meats provides a solution by offering restaurant-quality dining at home.

Exclusively Angus

Ninety-six percent of consumers in a recent study recognize Angus as a beef term and associate it with quality.4 We are proud to offer exclusively Angus beef selections.

Intentionally selective

Only the very best cuts are worthy of your meat case. Our products are intentionally selective to ensure an optimal eating experience.

Inspiration & trust

Our beef and pork are backed with name-brand recognition and expert marketing support to inspire shoppers, build trust and help keep sales up despite inflation.

When consumers feel connected to brands5
56% increase their spending with that brand

76% buy from them over a competitor

Now is the time to connect with consumers and offer the quality
they seek with Chairman’s Reserve Meats.

Contact a Tyson Fresh Meats sales rep today to get started.

4 Tyson Fresh Meats Q3 2020 Consumer Monitor ®/™/© 2022 Tyson Foods, Inc.
5 Sprout Social, (2020, June 15) #BrandsGetReal: What consumers want from Brands in a Divided Society.

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