marketing support that gets results.

Partnering with the Chairman’s Reserve® Meats brand delivers so much more than just quality beef and pork. You get the full marketing support you need to help move more product.

the insights to elevate sales

Our consumer research provides retailers with valuable information about key shopper attitudes and behaviors. We continually analyze data and research findings from a variety of sources to inform strategy and educate our partners.

Through our striking point-of-sale materials, we’re keeping quality beef and pork at the top of consumers’ shopping lists.

ease of doing business

Backed by the industry-leading service of Tyson Fresh Meats, the Chairman’s Reserve Meats brand sales and support team is committed to delivering excellence to our customers while educating consumers about the benefits of Chairman’s Reserve products.

media kit

Get the full download on the Chairman’s Reserve Meats brand, with our media kit. Find our mission statement, product specs, proper logo usage and much more to help you sell more beef and pork.

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when the choice is yours, choose Chairman’s.

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