Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Meats

Whether it’s the marbling and rich flavor of Chairman’s Reserve Premium Angus Beef or the tenderness and versatility of Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork — the heightened quality only a Premium product delivers is there with every bite.



Delivering Chairman’s Reserve Premium Meats requires three primary characteristics: marbling, maturity and muscle texture. Our strict certification process means every product meets the standard to be called “reserve,” ensuring tenderness and juicy flavor you can depend on.

premium angus beef

The standards are simple — it’s the best or nothing. Here’s a look at the selection criteria of Chairman’s Reserve Premium Angus Beef:

  • 100% fresh Angus beef
  • USDA Choice grade
  • Small50 and higher marbling scores to ensure quality eating experience
  • Our marbling score ensures demonstrably better marbling compared to lower USDA Choice beef
  • Fully-supported Angus brand at an affordable price point
  • Brings the best aspects of a fully-supported boxed Angus beef program to consumers at an affordable price point

a cut above the rest
Premium Angus Beef Pyramid


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premium pork

Through research and testing, we’ve developed stringent grading criteria to ensure that Premium cuts are always:

  • Hand-selected to ensure trimmed pork has consistent marbling, firmness, texture and size
  • Color-graded to reduce variation
  • pH-selected for natural moisture-holding capacity
  • Tender, juicy and flavorful fresh pork – with nothing added
  • Compliant with all USDA standards for natural* product
  • No unpleasant salty or metallic flavor

our marbling standard:
Scores ranging from 2-5

Marbling Chart
our color standard:
Scores ranging from 3-5

Coloring Chart

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

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elevating menus, enticing taste buds

Celebrated at restaurants nationwide, Chairman’s Reserve Premium Meats gives chefs the foundation to build flavorful signature dishes while enticing customers with first-rate quality from the kitchen.

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