Serving Up Quality Meat in a Takeout World

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We Answer Your Top 4 COVID-19 Quality Assurance Meat Questions

Even as restaurants re-open during the coronavirus pandemic, takeout orders remain at an all-time high and are actually increasing. Among the countless other challenges restaurants face such as decreased business, supply chain shortages and stricter safety guidelines, many will need to re-concept menu items with takeout in mind. The Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice Team has answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding beef and pork items in the new takeout-centric world.

1. Which cuts of beef and pork can be frozen the longest?

As long as they’re wrapped to prevent freezer burn, most pork and beef can be frozen for about six months without compromising the integrity of the product. Always wrap meat in plastic wrap and then freezer paper before freezing.

Best Beef for Freezing: 80/20 ground beef, short ribs, chuck, shanks, shoulder blade, brisket
Best Pork for Freezing: 75/25 ground pork, bone-in shoulder, pork belly

2. Which cuts of beef and pork last the longest in refrigeration?

For beef, whole cuts last longer than ground meat with proper refrigeration. Just make sure it’s vacuum packed or laid on absorbent steak paper to prevent discoloration. Whole cuts of pork last a shorter amount of time — no more than five days after opening. Ground pork should be used within one or two days.

Beef Cuts That Last the Longest in the Fridge: Ribeye and strip loin
Pork Cuts That Last the Longest in the Fridge: Loin and shoulder

3. What type and size of beef and pork cuts can hold heat the longest?

The larger the cut, the longer it holds heat. Try large cuts held in au jus or pork broth to keep the product in better condition.

Beef Cuts That Hold Heat: Round steak, eye round steak and boneless rump roast
Pork Cuts That Hold Heat: Shoulder, boneless loin and butt roast

4. What are the best cuts to incorporate into takeout menus?

Cuts with multiple uses are go-to items for takeout. Anything that’s versatile enough to use on two or more menu items and lasts more than a few days with proper refrigeration is a good place to start.

Most Popular Cuts: Ground meat and lip-on ribeye

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