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Retail Success Starts with Star Ranch Angus® Beef

Stores with fresh products – especially meat – drive traffic.1 In fact, research shows that baskets with beef nearly double the average trip ring.2

For retailers, those are numbers that can’t be ignored. They can mean a new level of sales success and it’s why the Star Ranch Angus beef brand team is committed to helping you get there.

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Mom and child shoppers holding star ranch angus beef

What Matters to Shoppers

The right product needs to have a message that resonates with consumers.

  • Familiarity, perception of quality, value and consistency are just a few of the reasons more shoppers are reaching for branded beef.
  • Angus has almost 100% awareness with consumers and is one of the most-acknowledged “high-quality” beef options.3 The Star Ranch Angus brand name and marketing support put that awareness to use for your meat case.
  • Four out of 10 shoppers seek out U.S.-raised production claims. Star Ranch Angus beef is proud to be a product of the USA.4
  • Consumers reward alignment on values. Forty-seven percent of consumers agree that if a brand shares values they agree with, they are more likely to buy it.4 Our brand connects with consumers through a message platform of family and togetherness.

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Why Choose a Branded Beef Program?

Just look at the numbers.

In just four years, branded fresh meat sales have jumped


consumers prefers manufacturer brands over store brand products for fresh beef.4

SRA Branded Beef
SRA Branded Beef
Shopper preference for branded fresh meat is at its highest in

of engaged consumers spend two times or more on brands they are loyal to.4

Our product is always backed with the trusted partnership of the Tyson Fresh Meats Team. To find out more about carrying Star Ranch Angus beef in your store, contact us today.

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