Wallet-Friendly Fresh Meats for Summer Grilling

For many Americans, firing up the grill is a summer tradition. However, customers who are still recovering from months of high inflation may be seeking less expensive beef and pork cuts this grilling season.

That’s where your meat department team can help. Your team members can be a resource for budget-minded customers by recommending fresh beef and pork cuts and grinds that are great for grilling.

What 2022 Taught Us

There is no doubt that rising grocery prices left shoppers stunned and forced many to take a hard look at their grocery receipts. Some started searching for the cheapest foods at grocery stores, while others decided to change stores in hopes of saving money.

  • In October 2022, Datassential reported that 80% of consumers had made at least one change to how they purchased food to adjust for grocery prices and inflation.1
  • More than half of consumers revised their budgets in 2022, and nearly the same amount said they planned to do so in 2023.1
  • Value is the top driver for consumers when choosing a grocery store.1

Other trends from 2022 showed that even as consumers looked to save money, almost half – 46% – did not plan to eat less meat.

Looking for Value at the Meat Department

Other trends from 2022 showed that even as consumers looked to save money, almost half – 46% – did not plan to eat less meat.1 They also were considering more than price when deciding where to shop.

According to 2022 Datassential research, 70% of consumers said that high-quality meat and seafood was a factor in determining where they bought groceries.1

Another shift shoppers made in 2022 was to switch to simpler recipes, with one-third opting for recipes with fewer ingredients as a cost-savings move.1 For these shoppers, seasoned and marinated meats may be an attractive solution.

These provide opportunities to experience new flavor combinations, or indulge in familiar favorites, without having to buy extra or expensive ingredients. Stocking seasoned and marinated products in your grocery store meat department also helps meet the demand for convenient, value added products.2

Grilling Economically

Steaks and ribs are often go-to favorites for the grill or smoker, but they are far from the only options for summer.

You can help steer cost-conscious customers to less expensive cuts, including:

  • Ground beef and ground pork for burgers
  • Burger blends with cheese, peppers, onions or other ingredients
  • Seasoned and marinated beef and pork, such as pork tenderloin or even ribs
  • Chuck primal cuts, including flank steak, skirt steak and chuck eye that offer juicy, beef flavor and respond well to marinading and grilling
  • Pork ribs, bone-in chops or Boston butt, which is a favorite for pulled-pork barbecue

Looking for Value at the Meat Department

Consumers’ needs and desires are always changing. Tyson Foods is the partner who can help you meet their needs with the right mix of pork and beef products.

Learn more about how we support retailers with portion cut beef and pork, seasoned and marinated meats and branded case ready products.

1 Datassential Money & Food Keynote, October 2022
2 Anne-Marie Roerink, Principal, 210 Analytics LLC, The Power of Meat 2021: An In-Depth Look at Meat Through the Shopper’s Eyes, Report sponsored by Sealed Air Food Care Division/Cryovac® and Published by FMI and the Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education

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