Chairman’s Reserve® Top Tier Meats

Elevate your offerings to higher quality, stricter standards and an exceptional eating experience shoppers will keep coming back for. Simply put – Chairman’s Reserve Top Tier Meats is our finest beef and pork.


Our Chairman’s Reserve Platinum® Angus Beef and Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork tiers represent our most superior cuts, backed by specifications that rival all competitors in the marketplace. By elevating our already-strict criteria, we’re ensuring your customers a consistently mouthwatering eating experience.

Chairman’s Reserve Platinum® Angus Beef


Perfection demands attention to detail, and our Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef line is no exception. Through uncompromising standards, we’re proudly delivering fresh beef products that are:

  • 100% Angus beef
  • The highest quality brand in the Tyson Fresh Meats portfolio
  • Sourced from USDA upper 1/3 Choice Angus
  • Offering the high quality shoppers are craving at an attainable price point
  • The elite specs of the Chairman’s Reserve Platinum program help you differentiate from upper 2/3 Choice programs, so you stand apart from your competitors
  • Hand-selected for marbling to ensure a restaurant-worthy eating experience

prime pork

Chairman's Reserve Prime Pork Marbling Chart
Chairman's Reserve Prime Pork Coloring Chart

Level up to Top Tier pork. Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork delivers only our best in marbling, color and pH for ultimate tenderness. Through uncompromising standards, we’re proudly delivering trimmed pork products with:
  • Optimal marbling, color and pH for the most tender, juicy and flavorful fresh pork
  • Intentionally selective cuts, hand-selected and hand-trimmed
  • USDA certified all natural*, minimally processed with no artificial ingredients

proven prime

A new level of standards and tighter specifications qualified Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork for the Master Chefs’ Institute Seal of Excellence from the acclaimed Master Chefs’ Institute (MCI), an organization committed to promoting food excellence.

MCI evaluated Chairman’s Reserve Prime and two well-known competitors. When the results were in, Prime outperformed all our top competitors in the category of “upper echelon” pork and placed the highest in color, marbling, firmness,texture, size and aroma.

MCI stated the “most important sensory factors… were their significantly more appealing color as well as higher degree of marbling. Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork also delivers a consistently better price-to-value ratio than its competitors.”


* Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

certified butcher

Bring your meat department to the next level. Join the exclusive Chairman’s Reserve Certified Butcher Program.

top tier training for top tier meats

Created specifically for our brand, the Chairman’s Reserve Meats Certified Butcher Program provides our retail partners’ meat department with expertise regarding the brand and its product offerings. It’s a point of differentiation and a level of service for consumers that no other brand offers.

Chairman's Reserve Certified Butcher Certification

We provide participating stores with superior training centered on product knowledge, attributes and history of our brand. You’ll receive exclusive in-store cutting demonstrations and merchandising strategies, as well as continued education such as webinars, new product introductions, promotions and more.

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when the choice is yours, choose Chairman’s.

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